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Femtosecond Laser Processing

Burr-free, heat-free machining

  • High-quality accuracy & surface finish
  • Minimize or eliminate post-process deburring & finishing steps

Accuracy:  +/-1 micron

Ability to work with most materials/material types

  • Materials can be ferrous/non-ferrous, plastics such as PEEK, polymers, etc.
  • Material forms include turned parts, tubing, flat sheet, etc.


Laser marking

Ability to machine extremely complex designs

View our case studies that showcase these abilities:

Why Use Femtosecond Laser Processing for Extreme Precision?

Nanotech Precision’s Femtosecond Laser is utilized for ultra-high precision machining of components and miniature parts with micro features. The Femtosecond (Femto Laser) is set up for laser micro hole drilling and fine cutting without any heat-affected zone, while providing sub-micron control of the laser. Material that is machined in the laser can be removed without generating heat, enabling the machining of micro holes with sufficient surface and edge quality. Femtosecond technology has enabled Nanotech Precision to provide faster, more accurate and higher quality micromachining services, allowing reduced cycle times. The Femto Laser has allowed Nanotech to decrease, and even eliminate, tooling costs, while achieving Excellence in High Precision.  Nanotech Precision has demonstrated .5 micron accuracy on Femto laser features.

Diversity of Materials

The Femtosecond Laser is very effective on a wide range of materials. Nanotech Precision has completed a case study to exemplify the flexibility of the Femto Laser in processing a variety of materials for micro circuit applications including both polymers and metallic materials with identical results. Nanotech Precision’s process engineers have experience in processing a wide range of metals with the Femtosecond Laser. Examples include titanium, stainless steel, MP35N, Inconel, ferrous materials, aluminum, brass, tungsten, and tungsten alloys, including carbide. In addition, they have experience processing precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, etc. They also have experience working with polymers, such as silicone, pebax, polyimide, garolite, etc, as well as PEEK, polyethylene, and many others.

The Femtosecond Laser cutting makes it possible to machine with no tool wear, and no heat affected zone, which enables ultra-high surface and edge quality. The machining platform is extremely stable and allows for highly accurate 5-axis manipulation of the workpiece. Machine movements in the Femto Laser are controlled to sub-micron accuracy.

Micro Feature Machining

Nanotech Precision’s Femtosecond Laser is ideally suited for micro feature machining applications and is often utilized to add precision features to Swiss-turned or wire EDM micro components. Nanotech Precision has demonstrated proficiency for hole diameters under 25 microns and slots under 20 microns. Most holes can be held cylindrical up to 8-10 times the diameter. The equipment is capable of less than 1 micron accuracy and repeatability.

Nanotech Precision, LLC utilizes femtosecond laser processing to serve the medical, aerospace, energy, and micro electronics industries. The stability and versatility of the Femto laser has given Nanotech Precision the opportunity to micromachine parts and materials that likely would not have been feasible using traditional machining methods. The Femtosecond Laser’s ability to process a wide range of materials while providing consistent, accurate results allows for greater flexibility in the design process. Nanotech’s process engineers have experience running several types of materials in the Femto Laser and enjoy being challenged with new ones. The extreme accuracy and precision of Nanotech Precision’s Femtosecond Laser make it an ideal solution for micro feature machining services and applications.

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