Micro Component Manufacturing

High Volume Micro Component Manufacturing

Nanotech Precision originated from its sister company, Die Technology Inc., with a mission to specialize and excel in high-volume micro component manufacturing. With over 30 years of high precision tooling development and refinement of our machining practices behind us, we are pleased to be the recognized leader in micro component manufacturing.

Our Strategic Process & Diverse Technologies

Our strategic processes have been born out of a continual and methodical quest for excellence in high precision. High-volume micro component manufacturing begins with innovative equipment made especially for micro components and micro features. Our unique collection of micro component manufacturing equipment consistently achieves sub-micron accuracy and guarantees unmatched repeatability. Our high precision tooling roots allow us to invent intelligent work holdings to match the extreme accuracy of our equipment. The combination of our expertise in tooling development and sophisticated equipment is a winning combination, making us the premier micro component manufacturer.

Micro Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Micro EDM, and Micro EDM Milling.

Micro wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Micro EDM, and Micro EDM milling are core competencies of Nanotech Precision, LLC. These proficiencies were inherited from Nanotech Precision’s sister company, Die Technology, Inc. Nanotech Precision logs tens of thousands of hours per year on fine wire EDM running 30μm-70μm (.0012”-.0028”) diameter EDM wire. How about 350,000 micro holes with 50 millionths of an inch tolerance in a year? What about 4,000 hours of erosion time with 30μm (.0012”) diameter wire in a year in a single machine? Nanotech Precision has capability, expertise, and capacity for your fine wire EDM needs.

Swiss Machining For Medical, Aerospace, Energy, and Micro Electronics Industries

Nanotech Precision, LLC utilizes Swiss machining to serve the medical, aerospace, energy, and micro electronic industries. As component sizes continue to become smaller and smaller, Nanotech Precision welcomes the challenge, utilizing its Swiss machining miniaturization methods to deliver accurate and consistent results. The ability to Swiss turn a wide variety of materials, along with attention to detail, make Nanotech Precision the preferred vendor for Swiss turning, Swiss machining, and Swiss machined parts.

Femtosecond Laser Cutting

Femtosecond Laser cutting makes it possible to machine with no tool wear and no heat affected zone, which enables ultra-high surface and edge quality. The machining platform is extremely stable and allows for highly accurate 5-axis manipulation of the workpiece. Machine movements in the Femto Laser are controlled to sub-micron accuracy. It also allows for cutting on a wide range of material including: metals, ceramics, and polymers and it performs particularly well with thin materials like sheet metal or plastics.

High Quality & Consistency

At Nanotech Precision, we excel in producing high-quality parts and components consistently, whether we are manufacturing ten parts or ten thousand parts. Maintaining the latest, highly advanced equipment and technology is our top priority. Our talented team of micro component manufacturing experts take pride in the work they do, continually producing high quality parts and components. Our unique technology and intelligent processes combined with our extensive tooling background give us a competitive edge in the micro component manufacturing industry.

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