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Nanotech Precision: Swiss Turning Company

Micro parts, micro features, extreme precision

  • Ultra-high precision Swiss machined parts
  • Swiss machined diameters down to .008” (0.2mm)
  • Highly flexible swiss lathes with up to 10 controlled axis
  • Drilled holes down to .006 diameter


  • Titanium, stainless steel, peek, Inconel, 17-4 H900, precious metals
  • Hard turning up to 60 R/C
  • Complex B axis capability, 60K RPM live tooling

Micro Swiss Turning

Nanotech Precision, LLC is all about micro component machining, which is why we focus on small and micro-sized Swiss turning and Swiss machining. With an industry trend toward miniaturization, Nanotech Precision has developed proven capabilities to Swiss machine the smallest components with a higher degree of accuracy and consistency. Nanotech Precision utilizes Swiss turning machine tools built for extreme rigidity and process stability. Process stability is key in machining medical components, aerospace components, or any time a high degree of accuracy and repeatability is required. Extreme rigidity is critical for micro-Swiss turning. While enabling us to achieve fine finishes and extend tool life, Swiss turning also allows higher speeds and shorter cycle times because vibrations are absorbed into machine mass. Extreme rigidity enables Swiss turning of a wide variety of materials, including titanium, stainless steel, precious metals, MP35N, PEEK, Ultem, etc. It is attention to detail that makes Nanotech Precision, LLC the Swiss turning company of choice for medical Swiss machining and Swiss turning.

Complex Machined Components

Another advantage of Nanotech Precision Swiss machining is the ability to finish complex parts in one setup. Nanotech utilizes highly flexible machine tools with up to 10 controlled axis that can machine features from any angle or direction, all while maintaining control of the machined component.  Highly complex swiss machined parts and components are common at Nanotech Precision.

Additional Micro Services

While Swiss turning is a core competency, Nanotech Precision has capabilities for adding micro features to Swiss-machined medical components using micro laser, micro EDM, or micro wire EDM capabilities. This is a significant differentiator in the Swiss medical machining realm. Micro holes down to .0015 diameter can be added using one or a combination of these capabilities. In addition, precision features such as micro holes, narrow slots, micro chamfers, etc. can be added with a high degree of repeatability, taking Swiss medical machining to another level.

Industrial Miniaturization

Nanotech Precision, LLC utilizes Swiss machining to serve the medical, aerospace, energy, and micro electronics industries. As component sizes continue to become smaller and smaller, Nanotech Precision welcomes the challenge, utilizing its Swiss machining miniaturization methods to deliver accurate and consistent results. The ability to Swiss turn a wide variety of materials, along with attention to detail, make Nanotech Precision the preferred vendor for Swiss turning, Swiss machining, and Swiss machined parts.

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