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Electrical Discharge Machining

  • Medical, Aerospace, & Micro Electronics components
  • Sub-micron accuracy
  • Specialization in small diameter Wire EDM machining
  • 30-70 micron (Ø.001”-.003”) diameter wire
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Micro EDM- Micro features such as chamfers, micro holes, and angled features

Why EDM?

Nanotech Precision, LLC thrives in ultraprecise machining of miniaturized and micro components, which is why we embrace micro wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and micro EDM milling. Nanotech Precision specializes in small diameter wire EDM and is your wire EDM company.

Fine Wire EDM

Micro wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Micro EDM, and Micro EDM milling are core competencies of Nanotech Precision, LLC. These proficiencies were inherited from Nanotech Precision’s sister company, Die Technology, Inc. Nanotech Precision logs tens of thousands of hours per year on fine wire EDM running 30µm-70µm (.0012”-.0028”) diameter EDM wire. How about 350,000 micro holes with 50 millionths of an inch tolerance in a year? What about 4,000 hours of erosion time with 30µm (.0012”) diameter wire in a year in a single machine? Nanotech Precision has capability, expertise, and capacity for your fine wire EDM needs.

Electrical discharge machining does not introduce machining stress into the component, nor does it create burrs like conventional machining methods.  Micro components often have thin wall sections and delicate features.  EDM is often the only way to process these features.

Nanotech Precision has the necessary knowledge and experience to be your trusted EDM supplier for micro components.

EDM Experts

Nanotech Precision utilizes only the most accurate, highest quality, and most reliable micro electrical discharge machining equipment. Machining accuracy is second to none. This equipment utilizes highly refined EDM generators that provide precise part accuracies and perfect surface integrity. Even oxidation that is so prevalent in most wire EDM applications is eliminated. Because of this, components that are susceptible to rust or oxidation, such as steel or titanium, can be manufactured with ease. This is especially critical in micro wire EDM, when machining fine detail such as small holes and slots, sharp edges, and thin cross sections is necessary.  Nanotech Precision has the knowledge and experience for ultra high precision electrical discharge machining.

Value Added Operations

Micro EDM and fine wire electrical discharge machining is often utilized to add precise features to Swiss-turned micro components. Nanotech Precision has the necessary knowledge and experience to develop the most effective work holdings to fully utilize micro EDM and fine wire EDM. This maximizes equipment uptime to ensure the most exacting tolerances. In turn, this allows for autonomous unattended component manufacturing, and makes EDM a cost-effective solution for high-volume micro component manufacturing. Nanotech Precision is your solution for small diameter, fine wire, and micro EDM.

Smart Solutions

Nanotech Precision, LLC utilizes ultra-precise micro EDM and micro wire EDM to serve the medical, aerospace, energy, and micro electronics industries. Simply put, Nanotech has the knowledge and experience necessary to machine the most precise, ultra-fine detail features. Nanotech Precision also has the highest quality micro electrical discharge machining equipment, which is essential to machine critical features in micro components. The combination of these things makes Nanotech Precision the best supplier for micro component manufacturing.


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